Project NameĀ 

1 vehicle antilocation system for automobile
2 keyless information entry
3 Widlife monitoring and location indicator for visitors
4 RFID based hospital automation
5 Wireless controlled Green house automation
6 Finger print based vehicle security system
7 Windmill monitoring using internet
8 Industrial power saving and automatic attendence system
9 Automatic drunken driving avoiding system for automobile
10 Finger print based lift operating system
11 Microcontroller based digital gear level indicator
12 Microcontroller based gas leakage detection and auto dialing
13 Microcontroller based railway accident avoiding system
14 GPS and Compass guided car
15 RFID based shopping
16 GMS based vehicle gaseous leakage and automatic warnign alerting system
17 Bank locker security system with sms mobile alert and call alert
18 Android wi-fi remote control for home appliance using free hand gesture
19 Andriod meets LED Bulbs in smart home automation
20 An RC Helicopter autonomous control system with single web camera
21 Smart electronic house- A well equiped modern house using andriod phone
22 Home/Office automation using andriod phone
23 Location tracking using sms based on andriond mobile
24 Remote Intelligent home system based on wi-fi technology
25 security system for office using andriod phonr
26 Smart phone operated mobile robot using bluetooth
27 Wireless energy meter using bluetooth andriod communication
28 Andriod phone based drunken and drive detection
29 Safety autobrake system for hill station vehicle MEMS sensor