Masters Projects

  • An Integrated Health Management Process for Automotive Cyber -Physical
  • A CAN Bus based system for monitoring and fault diagnosis in wind turbine
  • Design and development of PIC controller based vehicle monitoring System Using Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol
  • The House Intelligent Switch Control Network Based on CAN Bus
  • CSMA/CD Technique based Controller Area Network implementation for reducing error rate in automobile applications
  • Implementation of Wireless Controller Area Network (WCAN) for advanced Instrumentation handling protocol in Industries
  • Prioritized Vehicle to vehicle communication using Wireless CAN Network with Embedded System Graphical User Interface (GUI) System
  • Implementation of a CAN -based multi controller digital driving system for a vehicle
  • A Compact Remote Monitoring System for a Three -Phase 10-kVA Energy- Efficient Switchable Distribution Transformer
  • Automated Decentralized IT Security Supervision in Automation Networks
  • Design of emergency remote security monitoring and control system based on ARM and Zigbee
  • Induction machine fault diagnosis using microcontroller and real time digital
  • simulation unit Ethernet enabled digital I/O control in Embedded System
  • Ethernet Enabled Digital I/0 Control in Embedded Systems
  • Intelligent House hold LED lighting system considering energy efficiency and user satisfaction
  • Embedded Power & Energy Measurement System Based on an Analog Multiplier
  • Remote control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using Zigbee network of devices and sensors
  • Novel Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
  • Design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution management with photovoltaic system
  • Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network
  • An Accelerometer -Based Digital Pen With a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm For Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition
  • Multi sensor railway track Geometry surveying system
  • Multi -sensor tracking and lane estimation in highly automated vehicles
  • Dynamic wireless sensor networks for real time safeguard of workers exposed to physical agents in constructions sites
  • Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using low cost setup
  • Arm Hardware Platform for bipolar monitoring and tracking
  • Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based embedded controlled sensor network
  • Wireless Access control system based on IEEE 802.15.4
  • Wireless Sensor Network based home monitoring system for wellness determination for Elderly
  • RFID Based tracking system preventing tress extinction and deforestation
  • An Enhanced Accident Detection And Victim Status Indicating System
  • Automated Control System for Air Pollution Dete ction in Vehicles
  • A Novel Approach to Implement Green Wave system & Detection of Stolen Vehicles
  • Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles
  • Sensor Network based Oil Well health monitoring and intelligent control Embedded System Design
  • A Wi -Fi based smart wireless sensor network for monitoring an Agricultural Environment
  • A Novel designee of Electronic Voting system Using Finger Print
  • A wireless Smart Sensor Network Based on Multifunction Inter aerometr ic Radar Sensors for structural Health Monitoring
  • Field variables Monitoring in real time (GPS, Soil, Temperature) with precision Farming Application
  • Research on water saving irrigation automation control system based on internet on things
  • Auto mated Urban drinking water supply control & water theft identification system
  • Wireless and Piezoelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and Monitoring
  • Dynamic Ultrasonic Hybrid Localization System for Indoor Mobile Robots
  • Automatic Docking system for Recharging Home Surveillance Robots
  • Wheelchair obstacle avoidance based on fuzzy Controller and ultrasonic sensors
  • Indoor Positioning: A Review of Indoor Ultrasonic Positioning systems
  • Electric Vehicle Stability Control Based on Disturbance Accommodating Kalman Filter Using GPS
  • Online Control of Fuzzy Based Mine Detecting Robot Using Virtual Instrumentation
  • Robot Navigation System Using RFID and Sensors
  • Aided Navigation Techniques for Indoor And outdoor unmanned vehicles
  • Embedded system integrated into a wireless sensor network for online dynamic
  • Torque and efficiency monitoring in Induction Motors
  • Robust path based hand gesture recognition based on finger earth Mover’s distance
  • A Reliable Transmission Protocol for Zigbee – Based Wireless Patient Monitoring
  • Real Life Applicable Fall Detection System Based on Wireless Body Area network
  • Wearable Wireless Vital Monitoring Technology for Smart Health Care
  • Design and implementation of Real Time Embedded Tele -Health Monitoring system
  • wireless sensor Network Based Home Monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly
  • Accelerometer based body sensing for Health Aging
  • An indoor navigation approach to aid the physically disabled people
  • Fall Detection by built -In Tri axes Accelerometer On Smartphone
  • Ultrasonic spectacles and waist belt for virtually impaired and blind person

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